THINK SOCIAL MEDIA loves the creativity and storytelling inherent in creating great content for social media, and is passionate about working with small and medium business owners who get how powerful engaging in a two-way conversation with their customers can be.


THINK SOCIAL MEDIA creates content for social media platforms, allowing you to engage in two-way communication with your existing and prospective customers; to humanise your brand and reinforce brand recognition, to influence customer opinion, to engender brand loyalty, and to influence purchasing decisions. THINK SOCIAL MEDIA uses social networks to reach out to your customers, get instant feedback and establish a closer working relationship.
THINK SOCIAL MEDIA brings three key components together to form a complete social media triangle: a detailed marketing solution, unique written content specific to your brand, and beautifully designed imagery. THINK SOCIAL MEDIA will listen and hear what your customers want, engage with them directly and respond accordingly, and their perception of your business will change forever.
lesley mallongreyLESLEY MALLON spent 15 years as a Creative and Marketing Director in the Publishing industry. Her passion for online media and marketing brands, lead her to founding THINK SOCIAL MEDIA in 2013.  Lesley believes that using Social Media as a marketing tool is not a quick fix.  Like committing to any long-term relationship it needs to be nurtured in order to grow.  • It needs constant attention • It needs unique engaging content specific to your brand • It needs great eye-catching visuals • It needs quality over quantity • And most of all, it needs to follow detailed marketing plan.
One of Lesley’s great interests lies in social media education. With a regular radio tech spot, social media talks and training, she enjoys creating awareness and an understanding of how social media can work for individuals and companies.

“THINK SOCIAL MEDIA is about quality, we pride ourselves in offering solutions to SME’s to suit their budget, and we are dedicated to building long term relationships with our clients.” – LESLEY MALLON


THINK SOCIAL MEDIA is assists SMEs who want to add value, by providing focused attention to nurturing positive ongoing relationships with their clients, through creative marketing on a variety of social media platforms.
With careful planning and execution THINK SOCIAL MEDIA ensures your company enters the digital age with confidence, taking your social media presence to a new level.
THINK SOCIAL MEDIA offers you-the-client value-added packages tailored to your social media needs.
THINK SOCIAL MEDIA offers training solutions for companies and individuals on all social media platforms in the form of one-to-one or group training sessions.